Bonhams Scottsdale 2015 – Auction Report

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Coupe, Body by Pininfarina

Bonhams, Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, Arizona, January 15, 2015 Bonhams kicks off the catalog auctions at Scottsdale with its sale at the Westin Kierland Thursday mid-day. Attractively presented in a park-like setting, the cars preview well in the entry marquee and space between it and the auction tent. Bonhams' venture into the Valley of the Sun began only four years ago. The first year's sale was a bit … [Read more...]

Barrett-Jackson Pratte Collection 2015 – Saturday Auction Report

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 'Super Snake' Roadster

Barrett-Jackson, WestWorld, Scottsdale, Arizona, The Pratte Collection, Saturday, January 17, 2015 The thirty premier cars in Ron Pratte's collection crossed the Barrett-Jackson auction block in Prime Time early Saturday evening. There were high expectations, not only on account of B-J's heavy promotion of the collection but also because these were vehicles that had headlined many prior Barrett-Jackson … [Read more...]

Barrett-Jackson Pratte Collection 2015 – Tuesday Auction Report

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Yenko 427 sold for $275,000, a strong $99,000 more than the purchase price in 2008

Barrett-Jackson, WestWorld, Scottsdale, Arizona, The Pratte Collection Tuesday, January 13, 2015 This is a brief ‘heads-up’ on the Tuesday group of cars from Ron Pratte’s collection at Barrett-Jackson WestWorld. There were 110 lots, mostly cars, of which were offered without reserve. They brought a total of $13,272,600. Sixty of them had sold at auction since 2004 i.e., probably to Ron Pratte. Of those, … [Read more...]

Mecum Anaheim 2014 – Auction Report

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta, Body by Pininfarina/Scaglietti

Mecum Auctions, Anaheim, California, November 13-15, 2014 2015 marked Mecum's third auction at the Convention Center in Anaheim. Their success in this venue is in marked contrast to that of others who have ventured into the LA area with uniformly lackadaisical results. While Rick Cole had successful auctions in Newport Beach in the waning years of the last collector car auction boom and Keith and Desley … [Read more...]

Mecum Austin 2014 – Auction Report

1953 Jaguar XK 120SE Roadster

Mecum Auctions, Austin, Texas December 12-13, 2014 Mecum Auctions' approach is unusual, even unique. They troll around the country, trying locations, developing them – and along the way the collector car market in places where it's been overlooked – bringing their high-energy Velocity TV production. Mecum has produced blockbuster results in unexpected places. Kissimmee is front and center. Overlapping the … [Read more...]

Jaguars Sold at Auction in 2014

1955 Jaguar D-Type

Jaguar, the brand known for its leaping feline mascot, enjoyed plenty of air time this year within the collector car auction world. Well represented at nearly every single collector car auction in 2014, Auction Editor Rick Carey witnessed the good, bad and the ugly from the Coventry-based car firm. Not surprisingly, the Jaguar E-Type made up a majority of the Jaguar offerings at auction in 2014. After a … [Read more...]

Mercedes-Benz Sold at Auction in 2014

1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster at RM Amelia Island

Mercedes-Benz has long represented a great choice for enthusiasts that want a beautiful, well-engineered automobile that will actually crank on a cold morning. As the world's oldest automaker, the brand's history is littered with numerous important open and sporting cars like the famed White Knights, the dominating Silver Arrows, the elegant 540K series and the blue-chip 300 SL Gullwing and Roadster. The level of … [Read more...]

Bonhams Simeone Museum 2014 – Auction Report

1956 Lancia Aurelia B20S 6th Series Coupe, Body by Pinin Farina

Bonhams 'Preserving the Automobile', Simeone Museum, Philadelphia, PA, October 6, 2014 2014 marked Bonhams' third foray into the delightful environs of Dr. Fred Simeone's marvelous collection near the Philadelphia airport. If the auction isn't sufficient to induce people to come, the chance to see the collection of competition automobiles that Dr. Simeone has put together should be. His dedication to presenting … [Read more...]

Porsches Sold at Auction in 2014

1968 Porsche 907 Longtail (photo: Eric Fairchild / Gooding)

Porsche products resonate with enthusiasts. Whether it's the remarkable story involving a seemingly perpetual product that's enjoyed over a half century of development or their deep motorsport heritage, the iconic brand has cemented itself as one most enthusiasts aspire to experience at one point in their life. For some, they need more than one taste of the brand, evidenced in 2014 by what seemed like an endless … [Read more...]

Ferraris Sold at Auction in 2014

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Auction Editor Rick Carey reported from 30 different auctions in 2014, starting with the Scottsdale, Kissimmee and Paris sales, moving quickly into the Amelia Island sales and continuing on a frenetic pace throughout the rest of the year. Ferraris -- the unquestioned epicenter of the collector car market -- were a huge focus of Carey's reports, with no less than 169 of Maranello's finest methodically examined in … [Read more...]

Branson Collector Car Fall 2014 – Auction Report

1951 AC Frazer-Nash Roadster

The Branson Auction, Branson, Missouri, October 17-18, 2014 Fall 2014 marked the completion of the Branson Auction's thirty-fifth year, a series started in 1979 when Mark Trimble decided to sell off a few cars from his collection. Both the Branson Auction and Mark Trimble's collecting have now persisted through more than a generation. The auction is now run by Jim and Kathy Cox, but Mark still brings – and … [Read more...]

RM Auctions Hershey 2014 – Auction Report

1958 AC Ace-Bristol Roadster

RM Auctions, Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 9-10, 2014 Two collections headlined this year's RM auction at Hershey. The first was John Moir, Jr.'s unique assemblage including the 'A-Z' collection of 26 marques comprising the full alphabet from A-Z, augmented with his peerless collection of AC cars. The second was restorer Jeffrey Day's collection of Fifties cars – mostly Fords - all done to … [Read more...]

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2014 – Auction Report

1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas, September 25-27, 2013 2014 marked Barrett-Jackson's seventh year in Las Vegas. With the Barrett-Jackson auctions now concentrated in the great Southwest, skeptics might think that B-J had mined its Scottsdale-Reno-Las Vegas vein down to tailings, but 2014 was B-J's biggest ever Las Vegas auction – in consignments and in total sales. Charity sales are always a Barrett-Jackson … [Read more...]

Auctions America Auburn Fall 2014 – Auction Report

1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton, Body by La Grande

Auctions America by RM, Auburn Fall, Auburn, Indiana, August 28-31, 2014 2014 is the fifth year since RM's Auctions America brought new life to the Auburn Auction Park. Results have more than doubled since 2010 and although this year's sale was down slightly in the number of cars, total sale and sale percentage from last year the cars may have been Auctions America's best quality offering since it took … [Read more...]

Rick Cole Monterey 2014 – Auction Report

1955 Ferrari 410 Sport Sports Racer

Rick Cole returned to the Monterey auctions this year after a long absence, bringing with him a new format with on-site previews and on-line only bidding. Rick was the first to hold a collector car auction in Monterey, conducting the first one in 1986 and continuing well into the next decade. Until Christie's appeared on the grounds at Pebble Beach, the Rick Cole auction in Portola Plaza was the only game in town, … [Read more...]