Honest Italian – 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Sellers of Italian cars fall into one of two categories: those who say “the car has some issues,” and liars. This 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, then, has some issues. Chief among them is a horrible repaint from the Spider’s original—and, we think, most desirable—color of black to the well worn and/or poorly applied shade of gold. Or silver. Or whatever it happens to be at the moment. Hard to tell much about it, exactly, other than it looks awful. Ditto the riveted fender flares, painted door panels and expired soft-top fabric. A terrible car, then, this Alfa Romeo. Except that it isn’t. Photos of the bodywork show remarkably solid sheet metal with little corrosion and excellent panel gaps. Almost all of the Alfa’s beautiful and hard to replace trim remains on the car and in good condition. Under the hood lies the numbers matching engine complete with desirable Veloce components and the car is said to drive well, even in its current condition. Best of all, the seller indicates the reserve is low enough to allow the next owner to purchase and repair the car without slipping under water. If the Alfa were ours we’d commit to a full restoration in the Alfa’s fantastic black over red original color combo and enjoy every fair weather day that came our way. Find the Veloce for sale here on eBay in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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