No Reserve – 1967 Sunbeam Tiger MKII

This 1967 Sunbeam Tiger is 1 of just 536 MkIIs built with Ford’s larger and more powerful 289 engine and waits for a new owner to complete its partial restoration. Find the Tiger for sale here on eBay in Prescott, Arizona.

Though a hit with sports car buffs and a boon to the Sunbeam brand, the Tiger was canceled when Chrysler purchased the Sunbeam-owning Rootes Group in 1967. Chrysler’s V8s were simply too large to fit easily into the diminutive British roadster and executives didn’t relish the notion of sending good money to their Detroit rival for engines. Chrysler pulled the plug just as Tigers reached their zenith in the 289-powered MkII.

This particular MKII Tiger looks relatively complete from the seller’s photos with straight bodywork, clean paint and rebuilt engine. Photos of the underside show what looks to be a very solid chassis with new exhaust and reconditioned suspension. The listing also indicates the presence of a rare and desirable hard top.

The Tiger, however, isn’t without its issues as it suffers from what appears to be a stalled restoration. The interior is largely stripped with the exception of a non-functioning dashboard and well-worn seats. The MkII egg-crate grill is missing at the car’s nose and the wheels have been replaced with later slot-mags.

The good news with all of this, however, is that most of the hard work appears to be completed and the current no-reserve bid of $25,000 is far below the completed value for the car. If the next owner can acquire the Tiger anywhere near this price he or she stands to gain a remarkably enjoyable car with plenty of money left over for completion.


  1. warren says:
  2. My MKII is complete with the exception of the lower chrome strip which extends between the wheel well chrome along the rocker panel of the car… Anyone?

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