Not Exactly a Barn Find – 1945 Delahaye 135 Roadster

According to desperatehousewive0172, this 1945 Delahaye 135 Roadster doesn’t include documentation because it was found in an elderly woman. Wait, what? The problem stems from an eBay listing that reads as clearly as a Ouija board operated by 13-year-olds, and is either a poorly-executed scam or the most interesting thing we’ve seen in weeks. We’re really hoping for the later, and that the seller—desperatehousewive0172—is an honest soul hampered by poor German to English translation skills. Either way, the Delahaye cuts an impressive figure in the included photographs with sweeping aluminum bodywork, rear fender skirts, art-deco side trim and thoroughly louvered hood and rocker panels. Additional photos show a relatively complete top assembly, a chassis ID tag, solid dashboard and what looks to be a complete straight six. We love these cars but would do some considerable research before jumping headlong into this sizable project. We’d want to know, for example, if the newer-looking windshield posts indicate this car started out as a considerably less valuable coupe and if the chassis ID number has been traced. For the person with good research skills and a lot of luck, though, the Delahaye could be the perfect project. Find it for sale here on eBay in Dresden, Germany.

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