Plastic Kit – 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Project

Unlike the 1/24 scale plastic kits we built as kids that left us with glue covered hands and a contact high, this kit will result in a running, original ’57 Corvette. Around the Sports Car Digest office, ’57 Corvettes are held in high regard. They’ve got great ‘50s styling, strong performance and tough mechanicals, and we’ve always wanted to put together a street/track car based loosely on the cars that competed in the ’57 12 Hours of Sebring. This car could be just the ticket. Missing its original engine and owned by an experienced restorer, the Corvette includes most of the components needed to return it to the road but is not so original a few modifications would hurt its value. Photos show a solid body in need of little bodywork and a full repaint. The chassis appears to have been completely rebuilt and includes a 1963 283ci V8 and a rebuilt Muncie 4-speed transmission. Best of all, in preparation for the planned reassembly many of the uninstalled components were rebuilt, re-chromed or replaced. If this corvette were ours we’d reassemble it in its current color combination of white w/silver coves, red interior, and black hardtop. Then we’d add period race items like military spec lap belts, a Le Mans style flip-open fuel filler and, most importantly, gold kidney bean wheels with three-eared knock offs. Beat us to the punch here on eBay in Sandy, Utah.

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