Spring Cleaning – 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

This bolt-filled Folgers can and box of PVC elbows has been parked in a Las Vegas garage since 1968. Also a well-optioned ’61 Corvette. We don’t know how great cars wind up in storage for nearly 50 years. And if we’re being honest, we don’t really care. We just like to daydream about all the fine cars quietly slumbering in dark, dry garages, waiting for a compassionate soul to come along and return them to the road. From all angles this seems just the kind of car. Judging by the incredibly uniform layering of dust across the Corvette’s body either this car has sat undisturbed for an incredibly long length of time or a shop vac let loose shortly before the photos were taken. The seller indicates the car is largely complete with the exception of the soft top and the power mechanism, which will not be difficult to source and replace. The other factory supplied options that likely remain with the car include heater, AM radio, 15×5.5” wheels, hardtop, 283/270 engine, 4-speed manual transmission and the relatively rare and desirable metallic brakes. The garage itself is located in Las Vegas and the dry desert air likely aided this Corvette’s survivor condition. If this Corvette were ours we’d clean it, rebuild the mechanicals and enjoy it in its original condition. Find the Corvette for sale here on eBay in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. I love these stories and wish the new owner many years of fun!

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