Currently Seeking at SCD Motors – March 2015

2014 Porsche Werks Reunion

SCD Motors is seeking the following cars for Sports Car Digest readers and for our own stable. If you own one of these automobiles or know of an example that fits the criteria, please contact us directly at with as much information on the car as possible, including pictures and asking price. Alternatively, let us also know if you would like your dream car added to the list. Submissions will remain private. German … [Read more...]

Featured Listing – 1997 Renault Sport Spider Trophy

1997 Renault Sport Spider Trophy

The Renault story is one of triumph, but not without its share of tragedies. While today they reign as one of the largest automakers in Europe, their road was paved with more than a few bumps and many less-than-successful partnerships with every manufacturer imaginable. After decades of restructuring, the automaker that’s been around since 1899 now enjoys a successful collaboration with Nissan that's yielded many highly awarded automobiles. What … [Read more...]

Four Seats From France – 1966 Alpine A110 GT4

1966 Alpine A110 GT4

Anyone who knows anything about rallying knows and probably loves the Alpine A110, the potent, usually blue rear-engined French machine that won the first ever World Rally Championship in 1973 and plenty of other events before that. What some may not know is that there was a 2+2 variant of the A110 called the GT4. … [Read more...]

Objet d’Art – 1938 Delage D8-120 Aerosport Coupe

LeTourneur et Marchand coachwork

By 1935 Delage, a renowned builder of both racing and grand luxury machines that had very early on demonstrated the value of motorsports success to car sales, was in serious financial trouble. To make things confusing, Delage was bought that year by the similarly named Delahaye, but the Delage brand remained. Delage's first new design under its new owners was the D8-120, the only 8-cylinder offering in either company's range and an instant … [Read more...]

Renault-Powered Rarity – 1959 Bunce Buck

renault 4cv race car h modified

The 1950s were a ripe time in America for road racing specials, and crafty mechanics and engineers all across the country stitched together unique and successful machines. These home-grown cars were often concoctions of American, British, and sometimes Italian or German components, but this car is just a little bit outside the box. Built by Ed Buck and Bill Bunce on the West Coast, this little special utilizes French power, in this case an … [Read more...]

French Masterpiece – 1953 Gordini Type 24 S

1953 Gordini Type 24 S Track

Amédée Gordini stood at Le Mans in 1953. He had finally created his masterpiece, a three-litre eight-cylinder sports car, which he intended to use to compete at the highest level. It would run in anger against names like Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Aston Martin, and it would be run not only by Works teams but also by wealthy privateers. For his car, Gordini chose an inline eight-cylinder engine, which was chosen for … [Read more...]

A Peugeot with Patina – 1966 Peugeot 404

1966 Peugeot 404C

The Peugeot 404 was an elegant if not all that exciting car built in France from 1960 to 1975 and under contract in other countries until much later. The 404 could be had as a sedan, a wagon, a coupe or a convertible, and the undeniably pleasing bodies were done by Pininfarina. The convertible in particular was a look that had Pininfarina written all over it, so if you really squint it kind of looks like a Ferrari. It certainly didn't go like a … [Read more...]

A Little Project – 1953 Mochet CM-125Y

project microcar

Mochet was one of those pretty remarkable little companies that none of us have ever heard of. During the early twentieth century and operating out of Puteaux, France, Charles Mochet successfully built pedal cars for kids and, more importantly, four-wheeled pedal vehicles for adults. His two seat "Velocar" sold quite well in France among people who wanted personal transport but couldn't quite afford a car with a motor in it. Then, to address … [Read more...]

Four Doors and French – 1967 Renault Gordini R1135

1275 saloon race sweden renault-gordini

When it comes to the 1960s, a decade packed with amazing performance cars, we don't often think about Renault. And when we do, we think about cars like the Alpine A110. With the help of tuner Gordini, however, Renault was able to put out exciting, sporty versions of some of its more ordinary products. Among them were the Gordini-badged variants of the  Renault 8 sedans. Introduced in 1964, the Gordini R1134 had a tweaked 1108 cc engine … [Read more...]

In Need of Amour – 1967 Renault Caravelle

convertible project r-113

Built for ten years and marketed primarily at the North American and British markets, the Caravelle, also known as the Floride,  is almost forgotten today. With a body by Carrozzeria Ghia, the Caravelle used the small rear-engined platform of the already popular Dauphine and with it Renault looked to compete with the Volkswagen. It was offered as a coupe, a cabriolet, and a hardtop convertible. And even though it looks like  it has … [Read more...]