Worthy Imposter – 1971 Westfield Lotus Eleven Replica

1971 Lotus 11 Westfield  What’s better than driving a real Lotus Eleven? Some might call it sacrilegious but we’d argue the answer to that question is driving a Westfield built replica of the original racing icon—like the one seen here.

Surely there’s no direct substitute for the genuine article but from the looks of it, this replica certainly comes pretty close. We’d say the replica seen here has the edge drivability-wise. If (when) you run into some damage on the race track or the street it’s not quite as painful as when you’re behind the wheel of a high-dollar original.

Certainly you wouldn’t want to intentionally go beating around while behind the wheel of this 1971 Westfield Lotus Eleven replica. Having said that, the fact this little racer already shows a few marks of time and use should put your mind at ease about having plenty of fun with this little not-quite-Lotus.

Plenty of fun is exactly what we imagine you would have behind the wheel of this car. This Westfield features a 1275cc engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. According to the dealer currently offering the car for sale the car runs great due to the fact it comes from a long time owner who had the car completely sorted mechanically. We don’t doubt for a second the seller’s claim of go-kart like handling on the road.

That is of course as long as you can actually fit behind the wheel. Just like the actual Lotus Elevens they emulate, these Westfield cars are known for being best suited to drivers with slim frames and small feet. For the rest of us enamored with the design and prospect of driving a Lotus 11 but cursed with a larger frame and feet, the prospect of fitting in one is a delicate if not impossible proposition.

Even so, we wouldn’t mind trying to stuff ourselves behind the wheel of this replica for a cruise down the road or a trip around the track. We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if someone else felt the same way. They’re going to have to come up with a bit more than the current high bid of $16,100 though. This car is currently being advertised on the seller’s website with an asking price of $29,500.

Find this 1971 Westfield Lotus Eleven Replica on eBay here.

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