Maserati T61 Birdcage Lime Rock

Best Vintage Car Racing Picture of 2011

Sports Car Digest covered nearly 90 historic car races and rallies in 2011, starting with the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy and ending with the Legends of Motorsports event at Sebring. Dozens of photographers took untold numbers of photos, spending hours post-event analyzing and choosing the best ones in an effort to wow our readers. And did they ever…

It is now up to you to choose the best photo of the year. Similar to our Best of 2009 and Best of 2010 contests, we are asking for your assistance in helping us pick the very best vintage car racing picture from 2011. We narrowed down the thousands of photographs to the following 40 images, chosen solely upon the number of times they were viewed by readers throughout 2011.

To get a sense of the work that goes into these wonderful photos, we asked Senior Photographer Dennis Gray for his thoughts on the selected pictures. Gray said, “I fall in love with the how and why and not so much what the final image looks like. None of my photos were really accidents or being in the right place but more planning a shot and waiting until the drivers and cars were there.”

Please vote by leaving a comment with your favorite image. Write-in candidates: if we didn’t include your favorite picture, share a link of what you think was best. We’ll announce the winner in the January 26th edition of our newsletter and in the comment section.

Win Your Favorite Photo: We are again spicing things up this year, as we will randomly choose THREE winners among the comments that will receive a large print of their favorite photo. Be sure to include your email address in the comment form so we can reach you.

Best Vintage Car Racing Picture of 2011 (sorted by date taken)

1972 Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF

1972 Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF taking part in the Legends Boucles De Spa. (photo credit: Jurrie Vanhalle)

1972 BMW 3.0 CSL Sebring

1972 BMW CSL of Scott Hughes into the sun at Sebring for the SVRA March event. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)

Ferrari 312PB

Imagine the sound it's making - the Ferrari 312PB of Steven Read at the Legends of Motorsports race at Barber Motorsports Park. (photo credit: David Ferguson)

1957 Elva Mk2 1961 Porsche RS61 Sonoma Sears Point

Robert Engberg's 1957 Elva Mk2 and the 1961 Porsche RS61 of Yves Junne navigate the wet track at Infineon Raceway Sears Point during the Sonoma Historics. (photo credit: Dennis Gray)

Maserati 250F Sonoma Historics

No less than three 250F Maseratis follow a Lotus into turn four during the Sonoma Historics. (photo credit: Dennis Gray)

1927 Bugatti T37A Sears Point

Andrew Larson looks determined driving his 1927 Bugatti T37A during the Sonoma Historics. (photo credit: Dennis Gray)

1926 Bugatti T34A

The crew of this 1926 Bugatti T34A enjoys the International Bugatti Meeting in Spain. (photo credit: Dirk de Jager)

Napier Bentley Special Brooklands

The Napier Bentley Special lights up the tires at the Brooklands Double Twelve. (photo credit: Tim Scott)

Roy Salvadori Maserati 250F

We promise this was taken in 2011 - the ex-Roy Salvadori Maserati 250F at the Modena Track Days event. (photo credit: Julien Mahiels)

Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona Competizione

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione at speed during the Modena Track Days. (photo credit: Julien Mahiels)


  1. Mark Hershoren says

    Each and every one wonderful, but for me there are two by Peter Falkner that truly stand out: The E-type with sparks from the underside, and the GT40 with its brake discs aglow.
    Between the two, from a personal viewpoint, the E-type resonates with me the most, but had it not been for that photo in this presentation I would have chosen the GT40.

    • says

      1959 Tipo 61 birdcage Maserati ” Limrock in the Rain “.
      not sure what lap it was but Mitch Eitel was following in his “59 devon and the rain just LET LOOSE…….. a spin ………….no car was damaged other then a scraped corner on the devon as i recall. what would limerock be without rain. someone should write about the racetracks and what they have giving us during the their season… great pictures forza!

    • Murray Hayward says

      Mark – – you are too easily impressed by fire :) Yes, the E-type and GT40 are the best two photos, but in my view, the GT40 is #1. The Shelby Cobra lifting its right front is certainly 3rd best of all.

      • Mark Hershoren says

        @ Murray – – you’re right. These heat sources evoke drama. Arguably, so does mist off the tailpanels and tires. I like that the “fire” shows up somewhere besides the engine compartments though. Both Falkner shots evoke hardworking machines without showing lifted tires or body-roll (though I like such presentations just as well!)

    • Alfred K. Weber says

      To be honest, I just love most of the photos. But having to choose but one as my favorite, I very quickly was left with the race pictures showing cars in the rain (Elva and Birdcage) and those showing my favorite GT cars at the limit (of adhesion, braking, and suspension travel) in Spa. The Birdcage Maserati at Lime Rock came out first in the first group, the E-type at Eau Rouge did in the second one (where I preferred the Cobra to the GT-40). What I love about the Lime Rock picture is that it evokes road racing at its best, namely on a racetrack embedded in a natural landscape. The E-type at Spa, on the other hand, evokes all the drama and strain on cars and drivers of a 24-hour race which, on top of it , was also held on a beautifully embedded traditional road course.

  2. Christopher Collins says


    The BMW CSL and Maserati 250F on the first page look like vintage shots. The Shadow Can-Am on page two looks like glass it’s so clear. I want to be the driver of the Alfa Romeo 8C on page three. All wonderful photos.

    But for my vote, I choose Tim Scott’s photo of the Porsche 718 RSK. Perfect light, perfect motion and perfect car = Best shot of 2011, in my book at least.

  3. Ronald Breeze says

    1955 Jaguar XK140 during the Zoute Grand Prix rally. (photo credit: Dirk de Jager) has a beautiful and timeless quality to it and gets my vote.

  4. says

    My personal favorite from this selection is the Ferrari 126C2 during Modena Track Days (photo credit: Julien Mahiels)

    Very realistic representation of a F1 car and of the event.

  5. Johannes Gauglica says

    My favourite: 1969 Gulf Wyer Porsche 917K* driven by Chris MacAllister during Rennsport Reunion IV. (photo credit: Jackie Buys)
    *even though it’s not a 1969.

  6. Alan Holmes says

    While not crystal clear…my choice:

    1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)

  7. says

    Too bad that nobody take look at the pictures of Jonny Bens weren’t, he has some phenomenal shots of the Spa Six Hours.

    If I have to choose it will be the 1969 Gulf Wyer Porsche 917K driven by Chris MacAllister at Rennsport Reunion IV by Jackie Buys.

  8. Garreth Walters says

    I love the possibilities in this photo. It gets my mind racing like no other.

    Forrest and Ashley Mozart roaming through Wyoming in their 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO during the Colorado Grand rally. (photo credit: John Waugh)

  9. Glenn Snyder says

    My vote goes to the Gulf 917K driving down the corkscrew at Laguna (photo credit: Jackie Buys)
    Perfect shot!!

  10. Tess Casey says

    1959 Maserati T61 (Photo credit Michael Dipleco)
    You can feel the speed …..vivid colors and you can see the wet spray as well as a good looking car.

  11. jeff w says

    Lots of great photos. Favorite car of all time is the porsche 917. Have to go with the shot by dennis gray of the martini and rossi 917. The car perfectly oositioed against the rennsport reunion sign

  12. Michael Hirte says

    My vote goes to Jackie Buys, 1969 Gulf Wyer Porsche 917K driven by Chris MacAllister at Rennsport Reunion IV. Sche is doing a great job!

  13. John Gall says

    Wonderful gallery. My favorite is the 1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)

  14. Glenn Davison says

    Dennis Gray’s photo of Andrew Barton in the Bugatti T37A exemplifies Vintage racing for me. See how hard he is going. The left hand tyres are squatting into the bitumen and the rights are just hanging on for grim death. The castor on the front left wheel is at full whack under the sideways momentum while Andrew Larson is leaning as far to the right, trying as hard as he can to help the old girl through the corner. And for me that crank handle hanging out the front reminds me of a dogs tongue when he’s at full belt. Here’s a man in a priceless piece of machinery having a real go. I reckon he’s saying to himself ” Hang on Baby, Hang on!”

  15. Mark Hershoren says

    @ Glenn Davison: you have an excellent turn-of-phrase, writing in a manner I love to read when the topic is cars.

    • Glenn Davison says

      Mark Thanks for the compliment, it’s appreciated. Dennis Gray’s photo said it all. I just translated. It’s nice to know others feel the same about cars as I do

  16. Dennis Gray says

    Thanks Glenn for reading my image of Andrew Barton in his T37A. A picture might be worth a thousand words, it still takes someone to read the picture. Thanks.

    • Glenn Davison says

      Dennis, Thanks for the compliment it’s appreciated. Your bottler of a photo said it all. I just translated. It must be fulfilling to capture a magic moment like that. Congratulations.

  17. Peter A. Lee says

    The 1955 Jaguar XK 140 along the avenue of trees is wonderful but the three 250 F Masarati’s following a Lotus make it for me.

  18. D.Dunn says

    The Martini & Rossi 917 couldn’t have been parked and staged any better, and I think it’s the best pic from the best vintage event of the year.

  19. Dieter says

    Being a regular at the Lime Rock Historics, I definitely vote for the Maserati in the rain. A beautiful car at a beautiful (and friendly) track…

  20. Anonymous says

    1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)

    This photo exemplifies the enthusiasm and energy shown by the owners and drivers of historic racing automobiles in whatever weather that is available: a beautiful moment.

  21. Phil Currin says

    I really enjoyed David Ferguson’s photo of the Ferrari 312 at Barber Motorsports Park. It reminded me of the car Mario Andretti won with at the 1972 Daytona Continental 6-hour race; and which I almost hit from behind with my 1963 Corvette! P.S. I finished 2nd in GTO.

    • Louis Galanos says

      I agree Phil with your selection of the best photo. However, as you well remember, you almost booted Mario from his win at Daytona in 1972 because you were driving with no “bloody” brakes. It is a miracle you took the checkered flag and a second in class. Imagine your place in automotive history today if you had demolished his car.

      • Phil Currin says

        Yes, I realized afterward that it wasn’t the best idea to be racing with NO brakes, but I was young, and determined to finish my first long-distance race!

  22. Allen Eden says

    All the pictures are superb but the one that stand out is the The Napier Bentley Special lighting up the tires at the Brooklands Double Twelve. (photo credit: Tim Scott). I was there and the sound and visual effect were out of this world

  23. Jim Rosenthal says

    So many good ones….but as a lifelong GT40 fan, the Falkner photo of the GT40 with the brakes glowing is the best one. I also like the start of the RAC Tourist Trophy Race at Goodwood, with the two AC Cobras in the front row, and the Daytona coupe as well. Very well done. AND… the photo of the Alfa 8C2900 driving through the countryside, with the driver who looks like Ralph Lauren (and might BE Ralph Lauren?) and the stunning girl in the left seat…also a great vintage race car photo.

  24. says

    Oh my, that’s a very hard pick. All of them are simply fantastic, pure emotion. As this is all about racing, I have excluded those photos that are really charming, full of romantic athmosphere, but not as dramatic in terms of action. So, no Alfa 6c parade, no Bugattis’ Spanish reunion :-). At the end of the day, the one that made me speechless and breathless was the picture of the AC Cobra “emerging from the shadow”, almost drifting. That’s my choice. I am really sorry for the photo at the Goodwood TT start, that would be my (close) second pick. Thanks to all of you for sharing these pieces of art!

  25. Serge Ayache says

    I love the 1974 Porsche 911 RSR, she goes like a dream behind the branches, and green is the color of Hope. I have one 911 twenty years older and I love her too. Yes “she”, I think for those who have that much personality they deserve “she”.

  26. Mike Mayer says

    1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang has it all, the car the motion, the colors and the sense of speed. Great photo.

    Thanks for all of them.


  27. John Edmund says

    AC Cobra emerges from the shadows during Spa Six Hours. (photo credit: Jurrie Vanhalle) – isn’t this what Cobras are for?

  28. Graeme Henderson says

    The couple in the 1926 Bugatti Type 34A at the International Meeting in Spain says it all if you enjoy your sports or racing car out on the road . Dirk de jager has caught the atmosphere of the moment perfectly.

  29. Eduardo Polati says

    The Tim Scott photo at the Start of the RAC Tourist Trophy race at the Goodwood Revival took the truth meaning of being an autoenthusiast. Just look the expression in the faces of the fans, hearts beating at 7,000 rpm. Just great snapshot, took the souls out.

  30. nico misseeuw says

    my fafourite car on my favorite track . best pic Maserati 250F at famed La Source hairpin during Spa Six Hours race.

  31. Kevin George says

    1974 Shadow DN4 Can-Am of Rudy Junco during the Monterey Pre-Reunion. It’s a nicely composed shot of my favorite Can-Am car. Tony Southgate designed a car that was both competitive and beautiful. And all the while the team was developing the technology to run that new unleaded fuel!

  32. Fred T says

    Wow, what a treasure trove of classics! My favorite wold have to be the Ford GT40 at Spa. It’s the closest I will ever get to sensing the glory days of sports car racing in the sixties.

  33. sgutermuth says

    Beautiful works of art, all. but the BMW took the prize for me. The light coming onto the driver was special.

  34. Art T says

    I remember the history of the Shelby Cobra roadsters and the thrilling 1965 world championship manufacturers trophy in 1965 when the Daytona Coupe designed by Peter Brock took the long standing series from Ferrari and fulfilled Carroll Shelby’s dream and comment when in1964 Shelby said “next year Ferrari’s a#% is mine”. It was!

  35. Dave R says

    Lots of great shots, but I’ve always thought the Porsche 917 was one of the greatest race cars of all time so my vote is for the ’69 Gulf Wyer 917 at the Rennsport Reunion by Jackie Buys.

  36. 4milesoffun says

    The Napier Bentley shot smoking the tires, driver intent. Very Cool
    also the Richard Bolsters special with driver “working it” big time

  37. joe says

    The Napier Bentley coming off the line at the hillclimb. I can’t imagine piloting this beast. 2nd choice: Chaparral “sucker” car at Goodwood. Must have caused a real ruckus for the spectators.

  38. Rick Herrick says

    I Choose Martini and Rossi Porsche 917K at top of Laguna Seca’s corkscrew for Rennsport Reunion IV. (Photo credit: Dennis Gray) because I love the 917, the location is unmistakable, and it looks like suspended animation just like how we feel about all these racecars.

  39. says

    Has to be the Lotus 49B…….Brings back so many memories of seeing Jim Clark drive…….second choice…..Ford GT40……I actually got to sit in the Gulf Wyer/Willment Le Mans winner waaaay back when

  40. Anonymous says

    Ferrari 250 GTO of Chip Connor during the GTO race at Monterey Motorsports Reunion. (photo credit: Tim Scott)

    The Ferrari 250 GTO is, to me, the most beautiful car Ferrari ever built!!

  41. Dadmog says

    So many great photos, but I’d have to vote for the Jag XK140 on the Zoute Grand Prix Rally by Dirk de Jager. Would look good in black and white as well!

  42. Roy says

    This is my vote:

    1) the ex-Roy Salvadori Maserati 250F at the Modena Track Days

    Honourable mentions:
    2) Ford Capri during the East African Safari Classic rally

    3) 1955 Jaguar XK140 during the Zoute Grand Prix rally


  43. John Feingold says

    That shot of the GT40 with its front discs glowing red-hot gives me the goosebumps, as it goes far beyond nostalgic eyewash to capture a true American challenger being driven as intended, i.e., at the limit.

  44. Bill Ibsen says

    The 1971 Porsche 917K Martini of Greg Galdi at RRIV is my favorite, though I also artistically like the technical execution of the Maserati 250F at La Source at Spa.

  45. Al Zwegers says

    MY choices are;
    #1, Ford Capri during the East Africa Classic Rally. Showing excitement, toughness and endurance.

    #2, Ford GT40 glowing brakes during Spa 6 hours. Having seen this type of action many times. It shows the Magnificence of the Modern Machine in action.

    #3, Couple in Bugatti in Spain leaving the parade and of into the sunset with their prize in the bag hanging onto the side of the engine cover.
    But after all this, I am a huge Porsche fan. Al

  46. Rob Walker says

    Have to go with the photo of Bob Engberg in his Elva at Sears Point. Tough place to race in the dry, let alone the rain.

  47. Scott Morris says

    My vote goes for “The 1955 Jaguar XK140 during the Zoute Grand Prix rally” photo by Dirk de Jager. The composition is outstanding.

  48. Jack Ablon says

    Chris MacAllister in his Lotus 49B through the Corkscrew at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during the Monterey Reunion. (photo credit: Dennis Gray)

    I vote for this photo, its a tough shot, up close, speed, focus and timing all came together for a great shot.

  49. Gary K. West says

    I vote for the “1969 Gulf Wyer Porsche 917K driven by Chris MacAllister at Rennsport Reunion IV. (photo credit: Jackie Buys)” Great race car, great event, best of both worlds!

  50. Kevin Grant says

    Well, it came down to the Maser in the rain, or Dennis Gray’s shot of the 917. Have to go with the 917. It captures an iconic car at an iconic event in one frame. A beautifully composed shot.

  51. GT E says

    The Maserati 250F in the rain is the most beautiful, together with the Ferrari 126C2.
    I also like the Daytona racing in the mountains, awesome, and the silver GTO (3909GT) in Wyoming.
    All photos are amazing, but these are the best.

  52. Richard Williams says

    I will have to go with the Porsche 718 RSK. This car started racing in races I started watching in the ’50’s and it just has the exact shape of a sports racing car. (My thoughts!) Thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

  53. Robert Shelton says

    If there were one shot I would want on my wall it would be the ex-Roy Salvadori Maserati 250F at the Modena Track Days.

  54. Sid Levin says

    My vote is the Maserati 250F at La Source. It evokes the feelings of 1950’s Grand Prix racing at its purest form. Long before all the wings. Just a pure race car at speed. What else is there to say?

  55. Douglas Hunter says

    My vote goes to the Tim Scott picture of the Ferrari 412P leading the 512M at Silverstone. Apart from the shot being technically perfect, I think it captures the excitement, competitiveness and frustration of Motor Sport.

  56. Rick Mutzke says

    Wow. So many fantastic shots. My choice was initially “1955 Jaguar XK140 during the Zoute Grand Prix rally” (I have a bias towards Jags, plus the shot is so nicely framed) but if I wanted something that I would love to see on my wall, it would instead be “Jaguar E-Type Lightweight bottoms at Spa’s Eau Rouge during Six Hours”.

  57. Bill says

    These are great photos, but like Rick says, if I choose the one I want on my office wall it is Julien Mahiels Daytona at the Modena track days.

  58. Rhys Nolan says

    Mine is the Cobra coming out of the shadows. Looks period without too much of a current race track “safety” stuff.

  59. Rod McNae says

    The Maserati 250 F going into the turn at the La Source hairpin at Spa. “Classic design” in a wonderful photograph that gives a sense of speed.

  60. Sandy GaNun says

    I’ll pick Tim Scott’s photo of the Ferrari 275 GTB/C at the Silverstone Classic. A perfect pan shot with a crisp, full frame image of the sensuous car contrasting with the blurred red and white curbing and armco which not only frame the Ferrari, but also suggest the speed it is traveling. The 275 was probably one of the last dual purpose cars which could be driven on the street yet still acquit itself well on the track. A perfect cover photo for a vintage calendar.

  61. Mitch Hackett says

    Although all of the photos chosen have their own beautiful merit, I’ll have to go with Peter Falkner’s photo of the GT40 at Spa. A magical shot. Mitch.

  62. Jonathan Joye says

    Many fantastic shots. My favorite cars in these were, of course, the 917K (I’m a big Porsche fan), the 60’s Lotus F1 car, and I have to give “props” to the driver lighting up the tires on the old Napier/Bentley! Favorite photo, however, for me is the GT40 at night.

    If any of you get the opportunity to go to the Monterey Historics, take it! Fantastic event.

  63. Ed Flax says

    Got to love the Faulkner photos, with my choice being the GT-40 at night, brakes glowing! Great composition and lighting and the subject is just perfect.

  64. John Kuhn Bleimaier says

    Lancia Fulvia ’72
    Through and through
    Rallye thoroughbred
    Turns every head
    Narrow V4
    Who could want more?


  65. James Fitzsimons says

    Martini and Rossi Porsche 917K at top of Laguna Seca’s corkscrew for Rennsport Reunion IV. (photo credit: Dennis Gray)

    Sharp focus, great composition with the banner in the background, lovely angle and one of the greatest sports racing cars of all time!

  66. Don Hinmon says

    It is a BENTLEY!
    It is at BROOKLANDS!
    It has a period AERO ENGINE!
    Historic racing at its best!
    The Napier Bentley at Brooklands, photo by Tim Scott

  67. Alan says

    The photo of the RSK Porsche by Tim Scott is my choice. Having at one time owned 718-032 (I think it ended up with Ralph Lauren) back when regular people could afford them, I am more than a little biased.


  68. Jaime Rivas says

    The best photo is: Ford GT 40 in Spa 6 hours and the 2nd is the Jaguar Lightweight in the same event. You can see the lights, water, speed and dificulty for the driver on them.

  69. Snowden says

    There are many fine photos in this years collection, but for me it finally came down to a choice between Michael DiPleco’s T61 at Lime Rock and Peter Falkner’s GT40 at the Spa, with my final selection being Mr. Falkner’s photo.
    The play of the head and tail lamps on the pavement, the captured glow of the disks with sensation of speed make this an outstanding picture.

  70. Mike Yurkovic says

    Lancia Fulvia is the winner for me. The context of the shot is what makes it so distinctive to me. I feel I’ve seen all the other images before. thanks-Mike

  71. Chris Brown says

    So many choices – I’d have to go with the Jag XK 140 @ the Zoute Grand Prix – great composition – with a close second to the amazing Chaparral 2J @ Goodwood!

  72. Paul Smith says

    Another year of fantastic images from which the selection of one is tough to make.
    # 1 Dennis’ 917 at Rennsport Reunion;
    #2 Jackie Buys’ 917, same race;
    #3 The wet Birdcage
    #4 Stacked up Maseratis at Sonoma;
    #5 The wet Elva and Porsches at Infineon; or,
    #6 The Porsche 904 at Portland.
    My choice is Dennis Gray’s Porsche 917 at the top of Laguna Seca corkscrew, with the Rennsport sign behind it.

  73. Ember says

    Magnificent photos of stunning machinery. But it’s not about the subject, it’s about the shot…

    The Napier Bentley Special lights up the tires at the Brooklands Double Twelve. (photo credit: Tim Scott)

    1972 Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF taking part in the Legends Boucles De Spa. (photo credit: Jurrie Vanhalle)

    The ex-Roy Salvadori Maserati 250F at the Modena Track Days event. (photo credit: Julien Mahiels)

  74. bobbyd says

    Impossible to pick ONE best picture, so I’m splitting my vote 3 ways:
    1) Dennis Gray’s pix of the 3 Masers @ Infineon
    2)Peter Falkner’s pix of the Ford GT-40 @ night @ Spa
    3) Dirk de Jager”S pix of the 1936 Alfa 8C900 Boticella @ the Alfa rally.

  75. Sergio Ochoa M. senior says

    It´s real great drive a old car and specialy crossing this beautifull country .
    That is the reason, my favorite is the rouming through Wyoming in a Ferrari 250 GTO during ” the Colorado Grand Rally ” , my best wishes to Forrest & Ashley Mozart.

  76. W. J. Bryan III says

    The Ford GT 40 with glowing brake disks is the champion. Takes speed to make that color/smell/sound/feel.

  77. Bob DeMart says

    A Birdcage “Singing in the Rain”!

    The 1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics and photographed by Michael DiPleco is my favorite vintage racing picture for 2011. It shows the beautiful form body and water can make when mixed gingerly.

  78. Rick D'Louhy says

    Jurrie Vanhalle’s photo of the Maserati 250F is spectacular. Fabulous car, great angle of attack, terrific color – Wonderful

  79. Racegirl says

    Jackie Buys gives us a new and fresh eye and her talent is reflected in her superb photography.
    My vote is for both her photos; the 917 photo is as powerful as the car she shoots and her shot thru the leaves of the RSR is inspiring and exciting. You rocked the Rennsport Miss J.

  80. Bob Dompe says

    It’s almost always a real effort to try to select my favorite Ferrari image and I always find Dennis Gray’s work super!

    However, the image of the crew of the Bugatti T34A in Spain taken by Dirk de Jager just grabs my heart. Such joy in motoring.

  81. Rick R. says

    My vote for best photo for 2011 is the start of the Rac Tourist Trophy at the Goodwood Revival. just look at all the action in the photo. Kinda makes a person want to get out their and run some laps or at least be in the viewing areas.

  82. Michael DiPleco says

    The Ferrari 275 GTB during the Gstaad Classic rally. (photo credit: Julien Mahiels). is my pick followed very closely by Dirk de Jager- The crew of this 1926 Bugatti T34A enjoys the International Bugatti Meeting in Spain. And Dennis Gray’s Martini and Rossi Porsche 917K at top of Laguna Seca’s corkscrew for Rennsport Reunion IV.

  83. Fred Puhn says

    I really like the shot of Robert Engberg driving his Elva in the rain. It shows a potentially faster Porche spyder in the mist and spray behind. I wonder if the Porsche is catching or losing to the smaller Elva.

  84. JOHN COLE says

    I think the Bugatti meet in Spain strikes the exactly right tone for enthusiasts. Additionally, there are so many great Ferrari and Maserati photos in this wonderful group.

  85. Bill Hoyt says

    My vote goes to Dennis Gray’s photo of the Bugatti T37A. It really shows some attitude – both the car and the driver. Look at those front wheels and the driver’s eyes… WOW! That’s what vintage racing is all about.

  86. Jon McKnight says

    Tim Scott’s photo of the start of the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood captures the excitement of vintage racing and accurately depicts what it was like “back in the day.”

  87. Perky Too Tall says

    So many choices…..dying of hunger looking at the menu in the restaurant.
    1. GT 40 at SPA
    2. Cobra coming out of shadows at SPA
    3. Capri taking a mud bath

  88. ADRIAN H. OSKAM says

    1- Ferrari 275 GTB during the Gstaad Classic rally. (photo credit: Julien Mahiels)
    2-1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Group IV Competizione during the Gstaad Classic rally. (photo credit: Julien Mahiels)
    3-1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)

    For me these are the best, however all the pics are fantastic

  89. J Stanley Ryberg says

    My favorite is the 1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)…I found myself looking deeper into the image, spending more time on it than the others. I swear I could feel the rain…

  90. Greg Corkum says

    1. GT40 late day brakes, technically amazing
    2. 250 GTO in Wyoming, you gotta have guts to cruise Wyoming
    3. late day Porsche 718, right place, right time

  91. Ted Weller says

    The 1936 Bugatti in Spain – what a great car, setting and perspective. Overall, a really outstanding group of photos!

  92. Steve Allen says

    I would say the GT40 is my favorite. The evening light and glowing brakes truly capture the color, excitement, and mood of endurance racing. All of that plus the classic lines of the GT40 creates an epic photo.

  93. says

    Can I see the other 960? Too much is never enough but these 40 are exquisite. For pure visual impact (personal marque preferences aside) it is a hard choice between the Porsche 718 RSK by Tim Scott and the Maserati T61 Birdcage by Michael DiPleco. I love the composition of picture of the Porsche 718; the sunlight glistening off the body, its shape well frame. But the colors in the picture of the Maserati are so vibrant. I can almost feel the roostertail off the car in the rain. It just feels like he is going all out. That’s the one I would love to have on my wall.

  94. says

    My #1 vote has to go to the Ferrari pair from Silverstone: the 412P and the 512M. The colors of the two cars with the red and white paint of the shoulder make this a classic photo for me, although I really love the Porsche 904/6 at Portland as that is one of my all-time favorite cars, and that almost was enough to earn my vote.

  95. Timothy Ennor says

    My choice: the period picture of the 1936 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Boticella during the Alfa 8C Rally, apparently running through Italian vineyards. Just a beautiful shot of a beautiful car!

  96. says

    This photo: Maserati 250F at famed La Source hairpin during Spa Six Hours race. (photo credit: Jurrie Vanhalle) Could have been just as easily been taken back in the ’50s. I love the way it captures the beautiful Maserati and the hairpin at SPA. Very hard decision!!!

  97. John Oliver says

    Very tough to pick a favorite. I think my pick would be the picture of the Gulf 917 descending the Corkscrew. The GT40 at Spa is a close second.

  98. Barry Farr says

    Just how evocative is Dennis Gray’s photo of the three 250F Maseratis & Lotus at the Sanoma Historics! With the fields of farmland & the distant open hills as the backdrop this shot epitomises the 1950s era of motor racing.

  99. David Ferguson says

    It’s a hard choice, as always, but I like Michael DiPleco’s photo of the ’59 Maserati Birdcage in the rain at Lime Rock. I also like Tim Scott’s capture of the Porsche 718 RSK. and Peter Falkner’s shot of the lightweight E-type. I think I will stop there, before I end up listing all 40 pictures.

  100. D Dailey says

    Many, many great photos here. Falkner’s study of the GT40 with glowing brakes at SPA is my choice. Simply beautiful!

  101. says

    1959 Tipo 61 birdcage Maserati ” Limrock in the Rain “ I just saw one, up-close for the first time, at an event at the Arizona Biltmore this past week. What an amazing car.

  102. Tony Lieken says

    Not easy and subject to change at any moment…all are so special.

    1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco)

  103. Aktifspeed says

    This photo simply sums up the zeitgeit of the times and of this website…

    The crew of this 1926 Bugatti T34A enjoys the International Bugatti Meeting in Spain. (photo credit: Dirk de Jager)

  104. says

    Many thanks to all for your kind words about my images. I’ll be at Classic Le Mans this year to try for more!

    Congrats to Michael DiPleco and all the other shooters, it was a very good year 😉

  105. Tim Forsyth says

    1) 1955 Jaguar XK140 during the Zoute Grand Prix rally. (photo credit: Dirk de Jager) because it’s a very good picture.

    2) 1959 Maserati T61 Birdcage of Anthony Wang during the Lime Rock Historics. (photo credit: Michael DiPleco) because it to is a very nice image

    3) The UOP Shadow. As an image I don’t think it’s as good as my 1) 2) picks but I saw that car race any number of times and I find I still have a soft spot for it.

  106. Paul Brown says

    “Best Photo”? Only one??? Impossible!
    How about the one I’d most like to frame and hang on my wall:
    The would be Dirk de Jager’s “1955 Jaguar XK140 during the Zoute Grand Prix rally”. Beautiful composition, warm late afternoon sunlight casting long shadows through the stately trees along the boulevard, svelte XK Jaguar, crisp in the foreground, with more emerging from the mist all the way back to the vanishing point. What an iconic moment, captured perfectly! My compliments to Dirk de Jager — I wish I’d been there, his photo takes me there!

  107. says

    I choose the picture showing the three Maserati 250s chasing the Lotus. This picture has everyrthing: the beautiful surroundings of the circuit; the feeling of setting up for, and rounding, the corner; and (best of all) a Lotus showing them all the way to go!

    Amost as good is the one showing Bob Engberg’s battle in the rain.

  108. Barbara Read says

    I love the photo of the two men in the Bugatti seen from the back. They are participating in a Bugatti Festival in Spain. The photo shows two people who are having a great time and there doesn’t seem to be any pressure on them. Must be after everything was over.

  109. Steve Cornish says

    Tim Scott’s Silverstone shot of the FERRARI 275GTB is fantastic and cetainly showcases vintage racing but my overall favorite has to be Dennis Gray’s shot of the 3 250F MASERATI , UNREAL! Even though Peter was last.


  110. Charles Loy says

    1969 Gulf Wyer Porsche 917K driven by Chris MacAllister at Rennsport Reunion IV.
    Nearly perfect framing, and love the giant sign in the background.

  111. Wilis Murphey, Jr says

    Loved em all. The Cobra emerging at SPA (Vanhalle) with the right front tire just inside the verge is the best “Hammer down” shot. He needs just a little more reverse lock to catch the tail as he rips up the asphalt !

  112. Peter A. Lee says

    From a photographers point of view some of these pictures are perfect, but my vote goes for the three chasing the Lotus, all the fury of the chase against a very pastoral background.

  113. Brent Baillie says

    If your eyes are focused on the subject in motion with your head following this is what you get with sound if you are there. MASERATI 250F at La Source hairpin SPA. ‘look n listen’ that’s my vote! Brent

  114. says

    Unfortunately I have no appreciation for fuzzy, out of focus blurred “action” photos. We photographers select the best from the proof sheet which indicates the camera is the artist not the photographer when it comes to framing and composition. The junior college photography teacher is wrong.
    Shooting historics is difficult because we are trying to capture the beauty of another age yet somehow we accept the ridiculous combination of modern crash helmet and classic car.

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