1. Another ‘must do’ event. What an opportunity to get those pre-war cars up those mountain roads with clouds and snow lines behind them. Someday i’ll be there, save me a press credential.

  2. Why you dont tell anything about the famous Auto Union cars that won many times those famous mountain race?

  3. Oooo jummy all the pictures of the 1939 event looks incredible, must have been a terrifying with those small tyres on those narrow wet roads. The colour pics, specially my favourite Mercs, of this year’s event looks almost surreal against the almost black and white backdrop. Brilliant article and I have to agree with Dennis Gray one day I’ll have to be there.

  4. Beautiful photos, but since they were presumably supplied by Daimler-Benz, I’m surprised that they can’t spell Manfred von Brauchitsch’s name correctly.

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