RM Dingman Collection 2012 – Auction Results

1936 Ford Custom Cabriolet Glaser body

1936 Ford Custom Cabriolet by Gläser sold for $396,000 (Photo: RM Auctions)

The RM Auctions Dingman Collection 2012 auction was held June 9-10 in Hampton, New Hampshire, resulting in more than $9.88 million in sales with 100 percent of all lots sold.

The collection is the result of many years of acquisition by Michael Dingman, a former Ford Motor Company director for over 21 years. In total, the weekend’s sale lifted the gavel on nearly 50 automobiles and more than 1,000 automotive signs and collectibles (offered in 845 individual lots) before a packed house, with those in the room joined by a large volume of bidders on the phone and online. The auction attracted global interest with bidders hailing from 34 states across the US and as far away as Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Thirty-seven percent of bidders represented first time clientele.

“We are delighted with the results from the weekend’s Dingman Collection sale,” said Mike Fairbairn, Co-Founder, RM Auctions. “The Dingman Collection was without question, one of the finest of its kind. The results speak for themselves, reflecting not only the exceptional rarity and quality of the collection but RM’s expertise in the handling of single-vendor sales and its strong track record for consistently exceeding high estimates at private collection auctions.”

Topping the RM Auctions Dingman Collection 2012 sale was the 2011 Pebble Beach class-winning 1936 Ford Model 48 Cabriolet with coachwork by Gläser, which exceeded its pre-sale estimate, realizing $396,000. A 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe achieved $330,000 against a pre-sale estimate of $125,000–$175,000. An impressive 73% of automotive lots exceeded their high-estimates. Other notable sales included a 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe for $269,500 and a 1938 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon for $209,000.

RM Auctions Dingman Collection 2012 – Top 20 Auction Results

1. 1936 Ford Custom Cabriolet – $396,000
2. 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe – $330,000
3. 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe – $269,500
4. 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Sportsman Convertible – $253,000
5. 1939 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon – $247,500
6. 2005 Ford GT – $242,000
7. 1938 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon – $209,000
8. 1940 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon – $203,500
9. 1989 Aston Martin Vantage Volante – $192,500
9. 1940 Ford Standard Station Wagon – $192,500
9. 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon – $192,500
12. 1942 Mercury Station Wagon – $187,000
12. 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe – $187,000
14. 1936 Ford Deluxe Roadster – $181,500
15. 1950 Mercury Convertible Coupe – $176,000
15. 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Sedan – $176,000
15. 1942 Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon – $176,000
18. 1986 AC Autokraft MkIV Cobra – $170,500
19. 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible Coupe – $165,000
19. 1950 Mercury Station Wagon – $165,000

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Beyond the automobiles, the two-day sale featured an automotive sign collection and a series of other collectibles, with 845 lots of nostalgia crossing the podium. Headlining the group was an assortment of neon signs, with top sales going to the circa 1950s Ford “Jubilee” sign for $39,100, against a pre-sale estimate of $20,000–$25,000 and a Lincoln Mercury neon sign for $37,950, versus a pre-sale estimate of $15,000–$20,000. Other lots included a Ford Illuminated Sign, which achieved more than five times its pre-sale estimate, selling for $27,025 and a two-piece Ford Mercury sign, which tripled its estimate at $25,300.

“RM’s team of talented people performed flawlessly in making this another successful sale,” said Michael Dingman following the sale. “We were particularly impressed with the focus, spirit, and competence of the RM team and how they treated guests and community people of all types and functions. We extend our complements for a job well done.”

The Dingman Collection represented RM’s second single-vendor sale in 2012, following in the footsteps of the Milhous Collection, presented in association with Sotheby’s, in February. The company has confirmed two additional private collection sales for the remainder of 2012, including the Aalholm Automobile Collection, August 12 in Southern Denmark, and the Charlie Thomas Collection, October 19 in Dallas, Texas.

Next up, RM returns to Plymouth, Michigan for its annual sale, held in conjunction with the Concours d’Elegance of America, at St. John’s on July 28. For more information, visit www.rmauctions.com.

[Source: RM Auctions]

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